Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Whisper To The Moon

 Whisper To The Moon

As night falls I think of you

whisper to the moon

you hear these words, "I love you"

whisper to the moon

as night falls I think of you

hoping to kiss you soon

I hear your words, "I love you, too"

whisper to the moon

as the sun fades

a candle is lit

Let it burn!

scrawl your name into the wax

as the candle burns

and it burns for you!

as the day breaks I wake up next to you

I promise I'll be good to you

As the day breaks I lay next to you

here I go again kissing all over you

can't stop touching me, we never leave this room

you imagine me constantly, watch you melt all over me....

whisper to the moon.

#blaNk silk chiffon kaftan tops and pants.

It's like wearing a vacation.

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